Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Water, Water, Water

Creative dehydration - a thing that occurs when the creative body is deprived of fulfilling its intended purpose. The resulting dehydration may result in bursts of energy, phantom physical pain, irritability and minor depression. Occasionally mild digestive problems occur...fun times for all.

Over the last several months as some of you know - according to statistics I'm guessing 3 of you - I've been working on a new picture novel. Novels - or very complex lies as some people call them - by there very nature are often big, scaling epics and as a result require a lot from their creator. It's like long distance running, or in this case endurance writing/illustrating. The problem is not that it takes several months to complete, if not years - in extreme cases - , but that it feels really good. In a way it's like drinking a crisp glass of water on a hot day.


Life happens. Responsibilities scream for your attention and pretty soon it's been a week since you've created and your creative body is downright dehydrated.

Sometimes it's such a shock to our physical system that we have to slip back into creating or our creative body will reject it.

And that is today's blog post.

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